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If your HVAC system break down or stop working properly,you need our service; furnace repair Calgary, it’s important to have a company you can trust that will take care of the problem quickly, reliably and affordably. Call us and we will guide you on the easy steps first.

Furnace replacement Calgary

Furnace replacement Calgary service provide you a qualified, licensed journeyman will assess your home and existing system to determine the best solution for your specific needs. They have the knowledge and experience to discuss new products with you to make sure that you get the best heating system for your needs and your home.

Furnace repair Calgary

Furnace repair Calgary is one of our fast service at affordable price. We give you not only a  professional services but also will make sure your furnace is protected from threats such as gas leakages and carbon monoxide gas leaks  in your house. Before you call you can take a look at our tips.

Furnace Repair

Furnace Replacement

Most common problems for system failures are caused by dirt or lack of maintenance. Your furnace does need maintenance to keep the system operating at the design conditions.


Furnace Repair Calgary

Pilot Issue

  • For most low-efficiency system, the pilot is one of the parts that functions every time. Without proper maintenance, residue from natural gas can block the small orifice. You will not have Pilot flame and Gas Valve not open.

Blower motor

  • In absence of efficient maintenance, the motor capacitor or bearing becomes weak and as such the blower motor would stop working. Average life for a blower motor is between 12 and 15 years. Replace regular your filter to increase the life of your motor. The capacitor for your motor will became weak first and you must replaced in time to prevent blower motor problems.




Furnace Calgary

Sensor Flame

  • For medium and high-efficiency system, one of the most common problems for the furnace is the sensor- flame. After 3,4 years of lack of maintenance, depending of environment where the furnace is installed, this issue can show up. Your furnace will fire up and turn off on short cycle.  After 3 times will turn off and will give you an error code.


Condensation TrapFurnace replacement Calgary

  • A major problem for high-efficiency furnace is condensation drain which required more maintenance. Missing maintenace for a long period of time would restrict the flow of water from the  condensation collector box. In the long run this issue could have negative effect on heat exchanger as it could rust or lead to bad combustion.



Our furnace maintenance plan cover;

  • Verified your thermostat
  • Verified your CO detector
  • Inspect your Heat Exchengeur
  • Clean Pilot, Flame sensor, Burners
  • Clean Condesnate Trap
  • Inspect electrical connection
  • Check blower motor
  • Check Pressure Switch and Draft Inducer
  • Analyze CO leaks in the plenum, floor
  • Inspect your humidifier
  • Replace 1 inch filter
  • Inspect combustion and fresh air intake.
Maintenae furnace


Furnace maintenance plan at only $89.

Furnace repair calgary


Affordable Furnace Repair.

Furnace replacement Calgary


Affordable Furnace replacement Calgary

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