Heat Pump

High Efficiency


■ AC: Up to 17.2 SEER2
■ HP: Up to 17.5 SEER2 / Up to 8.5 HSPF2


■ COOLING (AC/HP): 0°F DB – 115°F DB
■ HEATING (HP): -10°F DB – 70°F DB


■ 2.6 to 4.1 for temperature from 35F up
■ 1.4 kW to 5.6 kW

Heat Pump F & B

Up to 53% lighter , Up to 40% Smaller, Up to 30% Energy Savings , as quiet as 56dBA

Heat Pump Condenser
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Variable Speed Compressor

Variable-Speed Digitally Commutated , Fan – High efficiency and low sound levels.

Corrosion Protection

Blue Fin Corrosion Coating – The Goodman SD features a 1000 hour salt spray rated coil as standard. 

High Heat Exchanger

7mm Coil – High heat exchanger efficiency and compact casing design.

Cooling Protection

Inverter Board Cooled by Refrigerant Circuit1 – Elimination of condenser fan pressure drop caused by heat sink used.

Swing Compressor

Proprietary swing compressor technology – High efficiency/low sound levels. Less wear and tear compared to non-swing compressors.

Intelligent Defrost Mode

Intelligent Defrost Mode – The outdoor unit will enable this mode to help reduce frost/ice from building up in cold climate conditions. It will also help with longer heating operation time for additional comfort for occupants .

Advanced water-shedding drain pan

Advanced water-shedding drain pan – The drain pan is engineered with multiple drain holes and channels to help provide effective water shedding.

Wifi Thermostat

Goodman Home Application

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AC and Heat Pump

When it’s hot outside, both an air conditioner and a heat pump cool indoor spaces. These systems are designed to remove humidity from the air inside a house, creating the sensation of cooler, conditioned air in the home. Air conditioners and heat pumps rely on the same principle of a “closed-loop” refrigeration cycle. This means that the same refrigerant is continuously circulated as it passes through the air conditioner or heat pump and the evaporator coil.

The heat pump and the air conditioner may rely on the same basic refrigeration principle, but if all of the cooling details are identical, there is still one key difference. Just like a reversible jacket, the “magic” happens when there is a change in direction! In the warmer months, the heat pump can act as an air conditioner – drawing out interior heat and humidity and redirecting it to the outside. During colder months, heat from the outdoor air is extracted and transferred to the interior of your home.

Heat Pump

Aluminium Coils

Eliminate the leak of refrigearant, the most common issue on Air conditioner and Heat Pump

Engineered for compatibility with Goodman SD

Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)

Foil-faced insulation covers internal casing to reduce cabinet condensation

UVand rust resistant, 5VA rated thermoplastic

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Wi-fi Thermostat


The Goodman GTST connected thermostat is designed to provide the ultimate inverter experience when installed as a part of the Goodman SD system. It can be linked via Wi-Fi to the Goodman Home app for control from an iOS or Android phone or tablet. In addition, the GTST can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. For efficiency and comfor t, homeowners can program up to four schedule events each day on a seven day schedule.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology, which is factory-installed in the Goodman brand SD system, allows for adaptable speed levels of operation depending on your heating or cooling demands — full, 100% capacity for extreme temperatures or reduced capacity for milder days.

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Energy-Efficient Savings

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Consistent T°

Consistent Indoor Comfort

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