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We are Red Seal licensed for air conditioning repair and installation of a new system.


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For proper operation, we advise our customer to maintain their system clean. For efficient operation, you must keep your Air Conditioner system clean from the filter to the condenser unit.

Air conditioning repair


Small size filters ( 16x25x1) should not be used for more than 3 months. Larger size filters such as the 16x25x5 should not be used for more than 12 months. However, these times vary depending how much you use your furnace, as well as some external factors such as dust, pets. We can provide you all kind of filters

Air conditioner

Condenser unit


It is very important to keep the outside unit clean every year so it doesn’t rack up dust. You can wash your system early before the season start. You may not necessarily need to check the pressure every year.

If you find that it takes more time than other years for your house to get cool,  therefore our technicians must inspect your system.

If your filter is clean (depending on size of filter, not older than 3 months ) and your unit outside is clean also and you see is working, You have a refrigerant leak. You need a professional to look at your system. Call us for fast leak detection !

Air Conditioning installed starting at $2800

Professional Installation

Air conditioning Calgary

Tips to help you to choose your air conditioner !!!


  • Air conditioning in Calgary  operate during one year aproximately 2 to 3 months.
  • Does is worth to spend more money in very expensive systems ? 
  • Majority of all air conditioners have 10 years warranty.
  • You can find quiet and performed system at 14,15,16 SEER. Obviously the higher numbers are better on the energy efficienty.
  • For longer operation you must have the proper installation and maintenance on your system.

Refrigeration Pipe

Brazing with Nitrogen 


Pipe Test

Pressure test and purging the pipe with Nitrogen.



Vacuum the system to 500 micron or lower to remove any substances from the system.

Air conditioning test


Test the system

With our first visit we can explain you what you can do by yourself to save money . Look up at our Tips for Air conditionig season Start-up 

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