Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat

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Nest Pro installation add additional 2 years warranty

Nest Thermostat

Auto Schedule

No more confusing programming. It learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.

Safetyu temperature

Safety Temperature Alert

Get an alert on your phone or tablet if your home gets dangerously hot or cold.


Auto Away

The Nest Thermostat automatically turns itself down when you’re away.

Nest Thermostat

Remote Control

Connect the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi to change the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Early on


When the Nest Thermostat spots you across the room, it lights up beautifully to show you the time, temperature or weather.
Energy History

Energy History

See when heating and cooling were on and what affected your energy use.
Remote Control

Nest Leaf

You’ll see the Leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy. It guides you in the right direction.
Early on

Early on

Nest learns how your home warms up and keeps an eye on the weather to get you the temperature you want when you want it.

Ecobee Thermostat

ecobee installation
ecobee thermostat

Why ecobee pro installation?

Comes with a free furnace inspection when professionally purchased and installed.

Comes with a Power Extender Kit for HVAC systems without a common wire.

Compatible with most HVAC systems including gas, oil, electric, and dual-fuel systems. Supports conventional (2H/2C) and heat pump (4H/2C) systems; humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator, HRV, or ERV accessories.


sensor ecobee

Wireless Room Sensors

Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in only one room, but are supposed to deliver comfort in all rooms, ecobee4 room sensors deliver the right temperature in the rooms that matter most


Smart Home/Away

If your ecobee4 senses that you are home during your scheduled Away period, or away during your scheduled Home period, it will automatically override your schedule to maximize comfort and savigs.

follow me

Follow Me

Control your comfort by averaging the temperature of selected sensors that detect motion or all of the selected sensors in your home, regardless of motion.

smart recovery

Smart Recovery

ecobee4 understands how your home heats up and cools down, and uses wi-fi to track your local weather throughout the day. It then uses this information to determine the best way to bring your home to your desired indoor temperature when you arrive home and maintain it while minimizing how long your heating or cooling equipment runs for.

Home IQ

Home IQ™ shows you how much energy you conserved each month and gives you valuable insight into your heating and cooling equipment. It’s like a home energy audit at no additional cost!

Alerts & Reminders

ecobee4 is constantly monitoring your equipment performance and will send you an alert if anything is not working or working sub-optimally. Similarly, ecobee4 can send you service reminders to help you maintain your equipment.

ac dehumitify

AC Overcool to Dehumidify

ecobee4 can use your air conditioner to lower indoor humidity in the absence of a dehumidifier.


Robust Staging Options

ecobee4 optimizes usage of multistage heating and cooling equipment by engaging the higher stage when indoor temperature is notably different than desired temperature and switching back to the lower stage as your home gets closer to the desired temperature. You can also control staging by using advanced setting options.

optimal humidity

Optimal Humidity

For homes with humidifiers, ecobee4 regulates indoor humidity to prevent frost buildup on windows when it’s cold outside and high humidity indoors.


Fan Dissipation

At the end of a heating or cooling cycle, when the coil or heat exchanger is still hot/cold, ecobee4 runs the fan to get the most heating/cooling and dehumidification out from your equipment.

free cooling

Free Cooling

In homes with ventilators, ecobee4 will recognize the temperature difference on cool summer evenings and will use the outside air to cool down your home instead of the air conditioner.


Standards Compliant

ecobee smart thermostats are compatible with HRVs, ERVs, and Remote Sensors, giving you ultimate control over your environment. ecobee has a robust API and an active developer community working on new ways to integrate your thermostat into your connected home