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Dryer vent cleaning

Professional dryer vent cleaning for residential clients . We will clean your dryer vent and duct so that it performs the way it should.

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Professional cleaning for your dryer vent.

The whole purpose of this cleaning is to clear out any lint or buildup that is preventing the air from properly flowing through the duct work of dryer. 

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Dryer duct

Duct cleaning

Dryer duct cleaning for up to 6 inch diameter and 35 feet long . Brushed and vacuumed

Dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Cleaning

Cleaning pipe inside of your dryer to ensure a proper air flow


Lint filter

Cleaning dryer filter . 

dryer tech

Dryer vent maintenance

Dryer cleaning prevents dangerous levels of build up and greatly reduces the risk of a fire. Dryer vents should be cleaned by a professional specializing in cleaning dryer ducts. These professionals have the proper training and tools to properly reach deep into the dryers duct work in order to clean all the lint and debris build up of that occurs along the inside of the dryer duct.


We clean dryer vent till 35 feet lengh . Condo, House , Commercial . 4 inch or 6 inch duct. We recommend dryer duct cleaning every 2 years.


Dryer and Furnace maintenance

Furnace Pilot

Pilot on old furnace it’s a safety device to ensure the burners get flame when ignite

Furnace Flame Sensor

The flame rod is a crucial safety device that ensures the gas flame operates under normal conditions. Trust our experienced technicians to keep your system running smoothly.

Condensation trap

High Efficiency furnace create condensation on heat exchanger. This water when drain can accumulate in the condensation trap dirt and other materials which can obstruct proper drainage. Water blockage will accelerate the rust in the heat exchanger

Electrical Contacts

Poor electrical contacts can lead to increased amperage on various components, shortening the lifespan of those components.


Dryer Plan

Dryer and duct dryer

Clean Lint dryer

Vacuum dryer exhaust

Duct exhaust cleaning

Inspect connection


Combo Plan

Dryer and Furnace 

Dryer plan

Clean Furnace parts

Inspect Operation

CO plenum check

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Quality, Responsiveness, Value!”

Highly highly recommended! Fair, honest, knowledgeable guy! I will definitely recommend him to all my friends!

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Adrian was timely, professional and very efficient. I appreciated his service and would absolutely recommend.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

So glad we went with a small business rather than the bigger companies. Would have waited 1-2 weeks for someone to come out but Adrian came out same day and even made it to my preferred time. He worked quickly and charges honestly. Highly recommend and will definitely be our go to for all our furnace needs. Thanks!

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