AC Maintenance

Every year the maintenance of air conditioning it’s resuming to; inspect the unit outside, replace the furnace filter regularly and inspect your water drain pipe. After you did all of those and still your air conditioning is not operate properly call for our qualified technicians.
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Lennox AC

AC Unit

Turn off the unit and with the water hose clean the ac unit from top to bottom . Look around the ac unit for any obstruction !

Every spring the air conditioner when operate bring’s white fluff from the tree to the coil.

Air Flow

Keeping clean your air conditioner will run less.


Dirty filter can freeze the coil inside the plenum furnace.


Some AC units have protection and can stop operate.

Drain Pan

Drain pan can be flooded if is not inspected properly. A flooded pan can drain the water inside the furnace and damage the heat exchanger.

As a professional every details count.

AC maintenance

We can help !

If your air conditioner is operate longer and temperature is still not dropping, contact us.





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