Best Air conditioning in Calgary

Best air conditioning in Calgary is one of our services you can trust. We can help you to decide if you want an expensive air conditioning installation or a basic one. Calgary has during the year almost two weeks of weather with high temperature. All basic calculation for savings you can get from high efficiency air conditioning is based on minim of 2 months of hot weather. Factors which can influence the operation mode of your air conditioning is position of your house and quantity and size of your windows.

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Best air conditioning calgary

Air conditionig SEER

SEER of air conditioning measures cooling efficiency, which is calculated by the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input. The high number is better. 

Air conditioning  decision

What is the best air conditioning in calgary ?

Is your house with many windows on South direction and get warmer for a period of 2 months ? Our advise is an air conditioning with a higher number of SEER.

For a 2 weeks hot weather a minimum of 13 SEER can do the job very well. Keep in mind the oldest systems has a 9 SEER or less.

Cost of an air conditioning depends of efficiency, complexity and installation.

The technology changes almost every 10-15 year, new refrigerant will replace the older to be more environmentally friendly

All manufacturer provide warranty of 10 years for parts. Inside or evaporator coil is one of the part which fail more. Today all the manufactures provide aluminium coil new improvement of this part. If your air conditioning is well seized and properly installed , the system should run for many years without problems.