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Whole-Home Small Bypass Humidifier



Economical Air Quality Solution

The Honeywell Home Whole- Home Bypass Humidifier 12 GPD provides just the right amount of humidity 

Easy To Install, Efficient to Operate

The PerfectFLO distribution tray helps ensure that moisture is distributed evenly in your home.

Control and Balance

The Honeywell Home Whole Home Bypass Humidifier 12 GPD delivers up to 12 gallons of moisture into your home each day, as needed.

Product Overview

Maintain your home’s most comfortable humidity level automatically with a Honeywell Home Whole-Home Humidifier. Proper humidity provides a more comfortable living environment at a lower temperature, so you can turn down your thermostat for energy savings

Humidifier installation

Quality and efficiency, for less. The Whole-House Bypass Humidifiers deliver the same level of quality that Resideo humidifiers are known for.

Control humidity

Protect hardwood floors


Prevent sickness

Humidity Effects 

Proper humidity provides a more comfortable living environment Optimum zone for relative humidity is between 35-55%

Low Humidity 0-30%

  • Colder sensation.
  • Dry Skin.
  • High risk of bacterial and viral infection.
  • Joint and muscle pain, Sore eyes.

High Humidity > 60%

  • Warmer sensation.
  • Mold, increase allergies and asthma.
  • Help to release of chemicals from household materials.
  • Condensation or frost on windows.
optimal humidity

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