Furnaces are an important part of homes in Canada, helping residents live more comfortably. However, a furnace is only as good as the efforts put into its maintenance. This brings us to the question: how frequently do homeowners need to have their furnaces inspected and serviced, and why?


How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Inspected?

The general consensus on the frequency of furnace inspections is once a year. Whether you purchased a new furnace a year ago or have been using the same one for a while now, annual inspections are recommended to troubleshoot any existing or potential issues. These should be done by a qualified furnace technician who can assess and analyze each and every aspect of your furnace.

Why You Need Annual Inspections

Many homeowners argue over the need to get furnace inspections at all. Why should you have to go through this exercise each year (or multiple times within a year) anyway? Here are a few reasons to keep track of your furnace’s condition and make sure it’s up and running when you need it.

For Safety Issues

When pet hair, dust, and other particles clog the heating ducts of your furnace, they can affect its ventilation. As a result of this, the furnace may overheat or malfunction, creating safety hazards. Ducts can also become loose, leading to a number of problems that can compromise your safety. An inspection by a furnace technician can help identify and resolve any safety threats before the situation escalates.

For Efficiency & Preventative Maintenance

You know what else a well-maintained and fully functioning furnace will do? Improve efficiency! Regular furnace inspections ensure that your furnace is always kept in optimal condition and is able to perform the way it should. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also prevents unexpected problems that can take a toll on the furnace’s performance.  


furnace vents maintenance

A timely inspection conducted by a professional furnace technician further allows for preventative maintenance. The furnace inspector will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your furnace, assessing all parts and informing you of what needs to be replaced (or could require replacement in the coming months). This can prevent furnace emergencies and ensure that you’re a step ahead when it comes to furnace maintenance.

For Its Cost-Effectiveness

If the thought of having to spend on annual furnace inspections doesn’t thrill you, think about it this way: would you rather pay a nominal fee each year or inevitably end up spending a lot more on utility bills and emergency fixtures?

The truth is, having your furnace inspected for maintenance each year costs way less than what it would to have it serviced because of an unexpected and sudden fault. In fact, as discussed above, yearly maintenance can prevent unexpected scenarios like this from happening at all.

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