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Furnace repair , what you can do by yourself and what not.

Before you open front panel of your furnace turn off the power !



To check if  the thermostat sent the signal to the furnace look if are fast flashing on the LED. (Sight glass bottom panel) Change battery after 3 years.

Furnace Power

If are not light on the LED or not noise at all from the furnace look at your breaker or your Power switch if are ON

furnace filter

Furnace Filter

Filters very dirty, will stop the system. Replaced and  reset your furnace with your power switch. (turn on, off). Inspect every 3 months your filter.
furnace code

Errore Code

If your system is not working first look at the sight glass on the bottom panel. On the manual or on the door you find description why is not operate your system.
flame sensor

Flame Sensor

When the flame is coming on for a short period of time about 3 sec, the flame sensor fail to send the signal. Clean it gentle with  a wired brush.


If is not flame on the pilot or after you try to ignite the pilot and the flame not stay after 30 sec the thermocouple should be replaced.

Condensation Drain

For high efficiency furnace the condensation pipe should be clean. If No water is coming from pipe when only the furnace is operate this can be blocked.
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Exhaust Pipe

High Efficiency furnace can have the exhaust pipe blocked when is snowing outside. Inspect your pipe during those conditions.

Don't do it !

If you are not qualified

Gas Valve

Gas valve fail after the igniter comes on and no flame comes and no flame at the burners.

Draft motor

Draft motor turn on first after calling for heat. If is not noise or the inducer not turn at proper speed, system will not start.

Ignition Control

When control board not command nothing or gives wrong error code there are big chance to be broken.


After the draft start and pressure switch operate normal the igniter should warm and give a yellow light. If no light there are chance to be broken.

Blower motor

Blower motor fails most of the time after operate long time with dirty filter. If your fan switch is on and no air comes out possible to be broken.


Burners  if are not cleaned, flame can overheat the safety switch and turn off the system. Also flame can’t travel from one side to other.

Humidifier Valve

Humidifier can fail if the water is hard. No water comes out from the humidifier there are big chance the solenoid valve not to open anymore.

Zone control

When your system is operate and temperature is not properly like you set up the thermostat, your zone control damper is not operate.

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