Heat Improvement

Heating, Every drop count !

Heating furnace

Improve Plenum insulation

Heating can be improved by covering the plenum of the furnace. Heat radiated in mechanical room will be recover and send it faster through the DUCT pipe to the rooms. Tested in two level house we saw the improvement up to 40%. The time to raise the temperature with 1 º C was reduced to almost half. Another observation is that the mechanical room had the same temperature during operation of the furnace.

Fan Speed

Set up a properly speed will improve the heating distribution in the rooms. Temperature in the plenum should be keep it at designed technical parameters.

Performant system have variable speed blower motor.

Blower wheel

Adjustable Diffuser

For a proper air flow in each room an adjustable diffuser is required. Once all the room are properly set up the temperature in each room will increase in the same time.

A SMART VENT can do everything automatically for you and from your phone. You can control the airflow in your room by Wifi.

smart vent

Clean Filter

Keeping filter clean and replaced at time will have impact in air flow. A dirty filter will overheat the plenum and any safety switch can stop the system.