Humidity control

Humidity control

Set up humidifier on Nest

Humidity control by Nest thermostat is available on 2nd and 3 rd generation. What you need is 6 wires and one power source  low voltage.

Pushing the Nest in Settings option, you got Equipment Settings. In the Pro Setup you have the option to add/check the equipment. All you need is to walk Nest on each wire and confirm the equipment.


– R which is Power

– C second wire from Power

– G fan wire

– W heat wire

– Y ac wire

– *  humidifier

Blower wheel

Set up

For each yellow box you must enter in and set up the proper equipment. When Nest saw it is a wire connected to * will show the humidifier set up option. Usually you set up the humidifier running in the same time with your Fan. Don’t forget this ! The best setting is Hum+Heat. The humidifier will operate only when the heat is on, more efficiently to increase faster the humidity ratio.

Humidity on Nest


After you set up the humidifier you will see confirmation with green on * connection. Humidity level can be set up on your phone or on the thermostat.

Humidifier confirmation
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